Style Rules

  1. Never, ever EVER wear a black belt with brown shoes or vice versa.
  2. Never, EVER wear Ed Hardy or Affliction or other disgusting clothing.

    RUKM?!? (Are you kidding me?!?)

  3. Never buy pleated pants. Stick with flat front.

    The Wrong Way. The Right Way.

  4. Never wear baggy cargo shorts – this trend died along with the Ed Hardy fad.
  5. Never wear white socks with dress shoes.
  6. Never let your undershirt show when wearing a button up.

    Tank Top showing. Undershirt showing. No.

  7. Never wear a backpack with a suit.
  8. Never wear sandals with socks.


  9. Never allow your nails to grow so far to where you can use them as a weapon.
  10. Never allow your facial hair and head hair to grow so much as to be mistaken for Saskwatch.

    Wow. The juxtaposition of left and right is stunning.

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