Simple. Timeless. Classic.

These three words define the essence of the Fab Manual. This philosophy guides my ideology on living a stylish existence.

What is the target audience?

Men ages 18 and up who would like to enter the realm of “Fab.” Also included here are women who would like to give their men a style upgrade.

What kinds of things will be discussed?

Sartorial, Tonsorial, and general rules of Etiquette.

“Monday Manswers”: Every Monday, I’ll post about a common fashion/grooming/etiquette question that men face.

“Faux Pas Fridays”: Every Friday, I’ll post a common style mistake men make and how to correct it.

“Fave Craves”: These are my favorite clothing/accessories/products at the moment that warrant mention.

“Culture Caveats”: These posts will detail the meaning behind certain holidays or interesting tidbits about worldly things.

Who am I?

I’m just a simple guy that concerns himself with all matters of Fab. I am by no means an authority on such matters, but I feel that I can give helpful advice as well as some tips and tricks to help with life’s conundrums.

Additionally, I reserve the right to change my mind at any time. Fashion is always changing, so why can’t I?

Disclaimer: I do not take credit for anything posted on this blog unless specifically stated. If your work appears on my blog and is not credited, please let me know and I will credit/remove it. Most images are found from simple, public Google searches of specific keywords.

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