Ballin’ on a Budget: Outlet Mall Edition

Over the weekend, I was able to visit an outlet mall to find some goodies. This time of the year is perfect for outlet mall shopping because a lot of them have discounts on top of the already embedded outlet mall discount. Usually, outlet malls are out of the way, so it’s best to devote the whole day to shopping and finding some “diamonds in the rough.”

Here are some quick pointers when outlet mall shopping.

  • Go big or go home: You are at the outlet mall to get premium brands at a discount. Don’t venture to the Old Navy outlet. Also, don’t go to the lower tier shops of a brand (like Ralph Lauren Chaps instead of Ralph Lauren). Spend your time and resources at the premium shops – otherwise, why go at all?
  • Focus on the deep discount items: Outlet stores still carry in-season items which are only discounted slightly. Hit the racks with the BIG discounts.
  • Skip the trendy stuff: Since a lot of deep discount items are last season’s stuff, you don’t want to get the really trendy things. As always, devote your money to the STC (simple.timeless.classic).

With that being said, I’ll outline some great things guys can get. However, since skinny guys are at a disadvantage to bigger men, I’ll split this post up.

The Skinny Man can  buy…

Photo Credit: Sartorial Butch

  • Winter Accessories: Scarves, gloves, hats are all one size items, so grab some!
  • Ties: Usually I don’t recommend spending too much on ties, but I recently bought two Burberry ties because of the amazing discount I received. This is your chance to buy great ties at great prices.
  • Eyewear: A lot of shops have sunglasses because they are out of season, so you can buy designer eyewear at a really steep discount.
  • Shoes

The Larger Man can buy all of the above plus…

Rock and Republic Denim Photo Credit: This Next

  • Designer Denim: For men with waist size 33 and up, you can grab Sevens, R&R, Joe’s, etc. for ridiculously low prices. For example, I saw a pair of Sevens that were originally $200 which could be bought for $60!
  • Shirts and Sweaters: Great shirts at great prices. Loads of Larges, and XLs
  • Coats: Same as “Shirts” above (for a coat sizing guide, read my post)
  • Suits: Armani, Zegna, galore! Out of every 1 or 2 size 36 and 38, I saw 10 size 40 and 42’s.

As you can see, slimmer guys are at a distinct disadvantage, but there are exceptions to the rule. For instance, my major haul of the day was a lovely Burberry Peacoat that was originally priced at $1,200! I was able to get it for almost 75% off!

So as you can see, anyone can ball on a budget. Just remember, shop strategically and enjoy your acquisitions!

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1 Response to Ballin’ on a Budget: Outlet Mall Edition

  1. rania says:

    Words of the wise. Bravo, Ehson!

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