Monday Manswers: “How do I Build a Better Wardrobe?”

Here’s five quick tips to remaking your wardrobe and yourself:

Keep your wardrobe simple and updated.

1. Eradicate anything you don’t wear often…and donate it to the Salvation Army. Seriously, if you don’t wear pants or a shirt that often, get rid of it. You will be surprised how much crap you have acquired over the years. Additionally, you will gain a more organized closet and more space for better couture.

2. Tailor suits and expensive items …that don’t fit well anymore. You can add more life to items that you don’t wear because they look bad. Take them to your nearest tailor and fix ’em up.

3. Build a better strategy for buying items…by employing the “8 or more” framework. Whenever I’m shopping, I consider the item, price, fit, color, etc. Then I ask myself, “On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being obsessed, 1 being hatred), how much do I like this thing?” If it’s an 8 or more, I usually buy it. Don’t wantonly spend and buy.

4. Don’t diversify just to diversify…by buying items you won’t wear. For instance, don’t buy a yellow shirt just because “you don’t have this color.” Some people like to wear lots of different colors, and some don’t. Wear what you like to wear. At the same time, you’ll start building a signature style that people will start recognizing.

5. Value quality over quantity…for long term use and wear. Start buying quality items less often in lieu of low quality items more often. You may spend more at once, but over time, you’ll have higher quality items that will last far longer. For instance, one nice pair of Ferragamos may cost 3 pairs of Aldos, but they will look better and last longer than the poorly made Aldos.

Furthermore, keep your wardrobe updated by buying a few pieces every season. Stick to simple, timeless pieces over trendier ones. But if you want to pick up something really trendy, go for it! You only live once, and you may learn something about your tendencies – individual style is always encouraged around these parts.

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1 Response to Monday Manswers: “How do I Build a Better Wardrobe?”

  1. zarna says:

    great post!! this is making me want to clean my closet…

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