Monday Manswers: “So where can I actually buy slim fit clothes?”

Up to now, I’ve been preaching about buying slimmer and fitted clothing. If you are a leaner guy like myself, you probably have had a hard time your whole life finding clothes that actually fit well.  Here’s a simple guide to buying slim fit shirts and sweaters. The same guidelines will probably apply to coats, blazers, polos, and t-shirts as well.

The slimmer, the better.

Avoid these places:

  • Department stores like Macy’s and Dillards: These brands carry a belligerent amount of dress shirts which may fit your shoulders, but not your waist. Buying shirts here will require a good amount of tailoring.
  • Banana Republic: Even the “small” size here is too big for me. Sad since I like a lot of the clothes here.
  • Jcrew: Another place where you have to size down (if you are a medium, you can probably wear a small) – luckily they have slim fit sizes – but mostly online.
  • Club Monaco: Another personal favorite, but even XS sizes there are too big around the waist. They don’t really carry too many slim fit sizes. Again, buying here requires alterations.

Go to these places:

  • Express: They have a great line of “fitted” dress shirts in every size and color imaginable. They also have a great line of V-neck sweaters that I outlined in a previous post.
  • Zara: Their dress shirts in the standard sizes like S, M, L, and XL fit great. Unfortunately, they do carry lots of shirts in number sizes (38-48) which fit REALLY weird on the sleeves.
  • United Colors of Benetton: VERY fitted clothing – sometimes the small is even too small, so this is great for slimmer guys.
  • H&M: Fitted clothes for cheap prices. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for as the quality is easily subpar compated to Express (which itself isn’t THAT high quality).
  • If you happen to be a baller, just shop at Italian designer stores such as Emporio Armani – the stuff is made for skinny Euro types.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Higher armholes: Don’t get shirts that have gapingly large armholes – they look weird and sloppy.
  • Darts in the back: These help contour the shirt to your waist.
  • Shoulder Fit: This is probably the most important thing – don’t buy shirts droop off your shoulder. You want the shirt to accentuate your shoulders, not dip them.
  • A Tailor: To really get that great fit, don’t hesitate to take your couture to an experienced tailor – you’ll spend a little but feel like a million bucks!

Feel free to leave comments with any other stores that I may have left out! Search on for that perfect fit!

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4 Responses to Monday Manswers: “So where can I actually buy slim fit clothes?”

  1. rania says:

    A/X also has nice xs fitted men’s shirts, and they also look somewhat dressier bc of the subtle sheen they give in the light….which looks really good!

  2. Casey says:

    Looks like I should do more shopping online, since from this list I only have an Express in my town and that’s pretty much ALL I wear for going beyond casual, exactly for size reasons. Thanks for the info Ehson!!

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