Artful Acquisitions: 3 Sweaters and a Peacoat

The Peacoat

Over the weekend, I was in Chicago and got to finally go to an H&M. My main goal was to pick up a cheap-ish peacoat. I got this one:

H&M Peacoat

Cost: $70

This is a really good price for a peacoat. Also, it has some nice detailing which isn’t too much and over the top like some Express versions can be. It’s a blended wool material so it’s pretty warm. Main goal one day is to score a 100% Cashmere coat. One can dream…

Three Sweaters

In the spirit of following my own advice from this post, I ventured out to Express today and picked up 3 of the v-neck Merino Wool sweaters.

Cost: $90 total – the sweaters were 30% off ($42 each) from $60 and I had a discount for $30 off $120, so it was an incredible steal.

Navy, Maroon, and Black. Triple Threat.

I got them in Navy, Maroon, and Black. I’m planning to wear them heavily this winter season!

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4 Responses to Artful Acquisitions: 3 Sweaters and a Peacoat

  1. Vivek says:

    Awesome peacoat! I think one impediment a lot of people have to buying nice clothes is price, so knowing that you can get great quality stuff at an affordable rate will help others elevate their fashion sense. Kudos on leading the charge, you FAB man.

  2. Fab Manual says:

    Exactly – you don’t need to be a millionaire – you just need to be more vigilant and shop smarter. Let’s change the world Vivek!

  3. Hemang says:

    As a huge Express-fan (pardon the pun) I’d have to say that these sweaters are Amazing ! They look great over a fitted 1MX Express shirt !

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