Suiting “Up”

Suiting "Up"

In honor of female fashion blogger extraordinaire, Zarna, I decided to do a purely visual post. (Visit her website here!)

Pardon the quality since I used my iPhone camera – but here’s some admittedly goofy shots of me in a suit one fine afternoon.

Shoes: Ferragamo Suit: Zara Shirt: Express Tie: Calvin Klein “Slim”

Note: Special thanks to Elham Afshar for taking the snaps.


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8 Responses to Suiting “Up”

  1. Trisha says:

    I Love!

  2. Vivek says:

    Nice suit, Ehson!

  3. Rania says:

    Hahaha ur suit looks great, and ur poses are hilarious! Lol

  4. Raman says:

    Ferragamo suit? Oooh sexy!

  5. Zarna Surti says:

    awesome post – thanks for the shoutout!!!

    i love this suit and the pictures are awesome – next time you come to nashville we will do a photoshoot!!


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