Faux Pas Fridays: The Oversized Topcoat

Since winter is quickly approaching, I wanted to expose a massive Faux Pas that I see many men make concerning topcoats. The common rationale when purchasing a men’s topcoat (or jackets in general) is this: “I’ll be wearing this over a shirt and a sweater or a shirt and a suit coat, so I need a bigger size than my usual clothes.” This common misconception leads men to buy a medium sized coat if they are really small – or a large if they are really a medium. They end up looking like this:


A boy. Not a man.


Even if your suit is impeccable, the badly sized topcoat will destroy your mojo. A top coat should be as trim and tailored as your suit coat.

How do you get the right fit?

Shoulders/Chest (the most important part): It’s pretty simple – buy the same size coat as your suit coat. If you wear a small, buy a small. If you wear a size 38, buy a size 38. These coats are meant to be worn over clothing, so they are sized correctly. Don’t worry – the designers know what they are doing!

Length: A proper topcoat falls right above the knee.

Waist: You may need some tailoring, but it should taper at the waist and give you some definition when you button it. Avoid the “boxy” look!

Sleeves: Have the sleeves tailored so it stops at your wrist. Don’t let the sleeves droop down to your knuckles.

Single or Double breasted: You can’t go wrong with single, but a double breasted can look amazing as well:


A finely tailored topcoat can make you look fierce.


So keep these tips in mind when purchasing your next topcoat! Don’t be swimming in fabric – go for a trim and tailored cut.

Keep it fab, always.


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6 Responses to Faux Pas Fridays: The Oversized Topcoat

  1. zarna says:

    great tip! oversized coats are a fashion no-no even for ladies!


  2. Vivek Surti says:

    Nice post! What’s great about good topcoats these days is that you can actually get them for pretty cheap (less then $300) at a lot of good quality shops.

    I got mine from Uniqlo for only $100 and it fits great. Other good stores are J Crew or Banana Republic, which are found in almost every mall in America.

    Also, what do you think about doing a post on fall scarves? It’s starting to get real chilly

  3. Rania says:

    Oohh I second Vivek’s suggestion! Scarves should be ur next F-P Fri.

    as usual, great post!

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