Monday Manswers: “What do I wear if I have a beer belly?”

Admittedly, I’m a slim, lean guy, and a lot of the fashion styles I preach involve fitted, tailored, and slim clothing. Predictably, I often get quizzical looks from bigger men who worry about wearing slimmer clothing, especially if they are concerned about a beer belly. Therefore, this post will outline some simple Do’s and Don’ts for camouflaging this area while still looking utterly fab.


From GQ. He's 250 lbs. But he sure doesn't look it.


Things to avoid:

  • Clothes that are too small: Don’t buy anything that’s too tight around the waist, like pants or sweaters with a tight, elastic band. This will accentuate your belly.
  • Clothes that are too big: Don’t think that bigger clothes will hide your belly either. These clothes will only add the illusion of extra weight – the opposite of your goal.
  • Tops with sloped shoulders – this draws eyes downward…to your problem area.
  • Bold Patterns: These will draw attention to your mid region. Again, you want to avoid this when possible.
  • Bulky fabrics for jackets and blazers: Avoid chunky, heavy wools as this will make you look extra large.
  • Super-skinny ties and lapels: Don’t wear things not in proportion to your shape.

Things to embrace:

  • Clothes that FIT: Not too small, not too big. Think “Goldilocks.”
  • Dark, solid colors: An instant physique flatterer, dark solids can take 10 pounds off of you.
  • Vertical stripes: This will help elongate your torso and make you seem taller and slimmer.
  • Low rise bottoms: Get some pants that sit at your hips since pants sitting on a protruding waist looks horrible. But make sure the waistband can cover up your midsection, so that your stomach isn’t flowing over the pants.
  • Flat front pants: Pleats make your pelvic area look bigger. Flat front is GREAT for all body types.
  • V-Neck tops: These draw attention up to your chest and neck and away from your stomach
  • Good Posture: You’ll look taller and slimmer – as well as more confident!

In the meantime, cut down on your drinking and eat healthier, as well as exercise often. In no time, you’ll be looking as great as you feel!

Keep it fab, always.


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3 Responses to Monday Manswers: “What do I wear if I have a beer belly?”

  1. Rania says:

    Wonderful blog ehson! Very useful tips

  2. Booman says:

    whats a top with sloped shouldersk? and what shouls i get instead of thatk?

    thanks for this post buddy boy!

    • Fab Manual says:

      I tried to find an example of this for you – check this out:
      – This is a bad sweater, because the shoulders slope down and don’t accentuate the upper body (droopy effect). Also, the horizontal lines make him look bigger: Bad Sweater
      – This is a good sweater, because the shoulders are enhanced by the cut of the sweater. Also, the vertical, “cable” lines make the model look slimmer and taller: Good Sweater

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