Faux Pas Fridays: The Untucked Dress Shirt

Faux Pas Fridays is a new, weekly initiative commencing at the Fab Man-ual to expose common style blunders that men make. In these posts, I’ll highlight the mistake, then suggest ways to fix it and really amp up your style!

If you are an 18+ year old male, there’s a high probability that you have this “uniform” when going out to a restaurant, bar, or nightclub: casual loafers, jeans, and a dress shirt.

I went out one lovely Saturday night not too long ago, and I noticed one thing that happens to be a major pet peeve of mine. 90% of guys wear dress shirts when they go out and leave their shirts untucked. One thing comes to mind when I see this: SLOPPY.

It’s not that you HAVE to tuck in your shirt – it’s simply that some shirts are meant to be tucked in and some aren’t. Check out this graphic from GQ.com


Know what shirts can be left untucked



  • In the left photo, the guy looks ridiculously sloppy because the shirt is too long and too baggy.
  • In the right photo, the shirt fits well, hugging his waist and stopping around where his zipper rests.

Here’s the simple rule of thumb: If the shirt goes about 3-4 inches past your zipper, tuck it in. You will look much more put together. If you like to leave your shirt untucked, buy shirts that are meant to be untucked. They need to hug your waist and stop at around your zipper.

A number of faux pas occur because we only see ourselves in isolation. However, I hope that the side-by-side comparison above elucidates the ridiculousness of the untucked, baggy shirt.

Keep it fab, always.


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6 Responses to Faux Pas Fridays: The Untucked Dress Shirt

  1. Vivek says:

    One of my big pet peeves is when people wear a TIE with an untucked shirt…What are they thinking?!

  2. Booman says:

    Maybe a stupid question, but… if I wear a button down, neck sweater, and jeans….. is it tacky that my shirt is untucked? or does the length rule still apply?

    • Fab Manual says:

      Yes, I would say untucked is tacky, ESPECIALLY under a sweater or with jeans and a tie. Obviously, it’s just my opinion, but I think it looks sloppy. You want to go with the most polished look.

  3. Claude says:

    How do you relate this if youre short? haha most shirts that are meant to be tucked in will most likely go passed the zipper rule, but not all the way down the zipper

  4. Fab Manual says:

    I guess it depends. My suggestion would be to very vigilant on the types of shirts you buy and how you wear them. A long, untucked shirt on a short guy will probably just make him look shorter or awkward. But really just depends…

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