Monday Manswers: “Why Should I Look Good?”

Every Monday, I am going to tackle a question that I hear often or that has been posed to me concerning Fab matters. Man + Answers = Manswers (See what I did there?)

It struck me that I never really answered the most fundamental question of why you should look good. Today’s Monday “Manswers” column is written by a female guest blogger because this subject from a womanly perspective is probably far more interesting than my own. She’s an avid fashion lover in her early twenties with impeccable taste and is what some would call a “perfectionist.”

So let’s get to it! Hit the jump for the article.

“A man should always be well-dressed except when he is nude. One should dress for oneself, primarily, and not for others. It is a gift to others but an art and a discipline to ourselves.” – GQ’s the Style Guy

This particular quote parallels my views on fashion.  Some people actually think that putting too much emphasis on the way you look is the result of a low self esteem or an attempt to seek approval. This could not be further from the truth.  Here is a fact – the clothes you wear represent you and especially another’s perspective of you –such as girls.

Take this for example.  I had a job interview the other day and the interviewer was COMPLETELY unpolished.

  • His suit was almost 3 sizes too big
  • His jacket had dandruff all over the collar (DIS.GUS.TING)
  • His shoes were as bulky as Ronald McDonald’s and were literally about to fall apart if he walked in them 5 minutes longer

I almost didn’t hear anything he had to say all day because of this putrid display before me.  In turn, I did get the job but declined that baby faster than a jackrabbit with its tail on fire –his appearance, which also represented his company, just seemed entirely unprofessional.


Look at the difference clothes can make!


People make assumptions of others based on how they look.  Yes, it’s true. Think about it. When you see someone, your impression of them is formed in a matter of seconds. It starts with the face – eyes, smile, and complexion, onto hair, clothing, and accessories.

  • White, straight, smile
  • A clear complexion
  • A well kept hair style, groomed and cut (I know I don’t want a bush on my man’s head when it should be in a garden)
  • Fitted, coordinated clothes (oversized clothing is a NO-NO, and why would you do it? It only makes you look sloppy and unknowledgeable of present times.)
  • Non-worn out and non-bulky shoes (whether they are dress shoes, loafers, or tennis shoes, worn out, raggedy shoes give a bad image and look extremely tacky)
  • Nice, subtle jewelry such as watches and rings or necklaces

Though this list may seem overwhelming, it does not take lots of time to look sharp and well-presented.  By looking natty, people will definitely take notice and approach you more.

Also as you approach the age of 21, you should start to acquaint yourself with a more mature look.  Whether you are nearing the end of your college years or proceeding onto interviews (grad school or career oriented), you definitely have to appeal to a more professional environment. Furthermore, you must outshine your competitors so that you have an upperhand in your endeavors.

Now the underlying question is: If my life doesn’t require me to look fab, why should I?

You should dress well and keep polished ultimately for yourself.

  • If you look good, you feel good. (Girls love confident men)
  • If you feel good, you feel like you can accomplish anything.

You should also dress well because you are not delusional and realize that opinions really do matter and can impact your daily interactions.

  • If you look sharp, people will take you more seriously.
  • Conversely, if you look sloppy, you devalue yourself in the eyes of others.

Girls notice everything.  Even if you think we don’t, trust me, we do.  Look at how much time we put into ourselves. Girls always appreciate a well polished guy.  I mean, who would you rather choose:  Mario Lopez or this guy?


I rest my case.


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2 Responses to Monday Manswers: “Why Should I Look Good?”

  1. Booman says:

    “as you approach the age of 21…” that line made me laugh. This was clearly written by someone a little young. I admit, there really is no age too early to start looking “fab”….but that line makes it seem that 21 is the threshold of maturity. I’ll give someone a grace period of 1 year removed from college; Step your game up by 24.

    As an older reader, that line made me find this post less credible.

    -2 cents (i spent the other 48 cents trying to get fab)

    • Fab Manual says:

      Thanks for the comment, Booman. I think the main intent of that line was to say that one should start looking to upgrade one’s appearance around the age of 21. It is by no means the “threshold of maturity,” but since interviews and professional life often begin at 22, one should start around 21.

      Not sure why that would mean the post is less credible – as the old adage says – “age ain’t nothing but a number.”

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