From Drab to Fab: A 3-Step Methodology for Timeless Style (Part III: Accessories)

Fear of Accessories

“…Got my Louie V belt with the Louie Jump Tribe. Got the Louie V shoes and the scarf with it and the Oakley shades go so hard with it! – T-Pain

I feel like we should take a lesson from timeless lyrical poet T-Pain here – accessorize and you can really turn your fab factor up!

As we put our fabulous habiliment on, there are the tiny things that completely pull an outfit together.  I usually wear one piece of jewelry (but most of the times three) all the time. They have become a part of my wardrobe much like my underwear is – always on and I feel naked without them.

I will use one as an example. I always wear a necklace that my dad gave me. It is quite worn now, with some fading. But I always get questions about it – who gave it to you? Why do you wear it? What does it mean?

In a sense, this piece of jewelry is interesting. It’s a conversation starter. It tells the person something about you that words cannot.  I always recommend that a man should wear one piece of jewelry that is captivating.

As a conversation starter, it is lovely. But it does something beyond that – it makes YOU interesting. It’s called transference – the man has now become interesting, not the piece of metal hanging around his neck.

Also, always wear a nice watch, belt, and necklace. I also wear a ring. Just sayin’.

The great thing about men’s wear is that one nice watch and belt can take you a long way. Women have to wear different earrings, bracelets, and necklaces for each outfit, but we luck out in this regard.

Additionally, in more formal wear, I recommend experimenting with things like cuff links, pocket squares, and tie bars. They really make you look like a million bucks and cost about $20 each.


Tie bar, Hat, Pocket Squares, Oh My!


Pro Tip: The Devil is in the details.

Pulling it all together

Once a gentleman overcomes these three fears and can pull a fabulous outfit together, he will feel like a changed man. He will officially have gone from “Drab” to “Fab.”

All it takes is an effort to raise your consciousness and bring yourself out of the stereotypes that have haunted us since childhood.

Tom Ford once said, “I think you are either born caring about the way your shoes look or you’re not.” Sadly, I don’t agree – anyone can be fabulous in my book. It just takes someone to show them the way.


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1 Response to From Drab to Fab: A 3-Step Methodology for Timeless Style (Part III: Accessories)

  1. Vivek says:

    All I gotta say is – “Last thing on, First thing noticed”

    Great blog, Ehs!

    Vivek’s Epicurean Adventures

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