From Drab to Fab: A 3-Step Methodology for Timeless Style (Part II: Color)

Fear of Color

…”Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?” – Pocahontas


From GQ, a colorful collaboration


As men, there is another fallacy that we are brainwashed with when we are young boys. We are told only to wear certain colors that are manly and avoid the rest of the wonderful spectrum of color for fear of again, looking girly.

Rather than thinking this way, we should apply color based on a number of factors. For instance, considering what season we are in, what our skin tone is, and what event we are going to is a much better framework upon which to decide what colors to wear.

Abandon the thinking that you can only wear white, black, and blue. One of my favorite combinations is a light pink shirt paired with a nice grey suit. Yes, I said it – pink.  Since we are in the fall heading into winter, get some nice lavenders or grays to get you through the winter months.

Now, I will caveat this by saying that a dinner event at night will most likely call for a dark colored suit. Additionally, winter wear calls for darker colors and darker suits. But as summer arrives, look for some cotton khaki suits or light blazers (especially if you are African American), grab some nice gingham shirts, a knit tie, and caramel loafers, and you will be a man full of color. And full of life. (That’s just me thinking out loud.)

Overcome this fear and you will steal every scene you are in, be noticed in every picture you take, and sweep any woman off her feet.

Pro Tip: Master color and you master the world.

Which then leaves the final fear…Part III: Fear of Accessories


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